There are several layers to your question. There are authority vendors, like MARCIVE, which will supply a subfield $0 (control number or URI) in the bib records. This is a step towards the linked data which can be exposed on the web. However, until you have a working system designed for linked data those URIs will have limited benefit. There is a lot of development work going into BIBFRAME but until the dust settles the authority vendors with experience in converting data cannot offer you a service to convert your MARC records to BIBFRAME.

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With all the talk about linked data, does anyone in the community know of vendors I could approach about converting my institution’s MARC records to BIBFRAME and hosting the records so that they could be crawled by the big search engines and increase my search engine optimization (SEO)?


I was stalking sessions at the ALA Annual last summer and was surprised that there is a lot of talk about linked data, but was unable to actually find anyone doing it.


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