Considering your research, I would use:

Li, Fuming $q (Fuming Bruce)


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I have a dissertation by “Fuming (Bruce) Li”

I’m reasonably sure Li is the surname and Fuming is the given name. I assume Bruce is his “American” name, or maybe a nickname.  Further references to this person are scare – he’s got another credit as Fuming (Bruce) Li on a paper he co-authored; he’s in a group photo for a conference as “Fuming Bruce Li” and there is a patent listing him Li, Fuming Bruce.


Collective wisdom: in the AAP would you record

Li, Fuming Bruce

Li, Fuming (Bruce)

Li, Fuming $q (Fuming Bruce)

Li, Bruce $q (Fuming Bruce)

Or something else? There is another Li, Fuming in the NAF.

Am I missing something in the LC-PCC PS where this situation is covered?


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