I would think that the preferred name of this person is

Li, Fuming

But there's already a Li, Fuming in the name authority file, so you have a conflict.  If you can get his birth date from your university, I'd ask for that to resolve the conflict.  I don't think the fuller form of his name is "Fuming Bruce".  Bruce is not a middle name, so I would not go with Li, Fuming $q (Fuming Bruce).  If you can't get a date from the graduate school, then I'd go with profession/occupation probably, e.g. Li, Fuming $c (Engineer)    (You didn't state the discipline his degree is in, so I just guessed Engineer. Substitute whatever is correct).

I think an authority record for him would be something like this:

100 1  Li, Fuming, $d date-    or    100 1  Li, Fuming $c (Occupation)
400 1  Li, Bruce, $d date-       or    400 1  Li, Bruce $c (Occupation)         [there's also an NAR for Li, Bruce, so an addition is needed on the variant access point too]

I don't think Appendix F.3 applies in this case:

F.3.1  Additional Instructions on Chinese Names Containing a Non-Chinese Given Name

a name of Chinese origin contains a non-Chinese given name
the name is found in the order [non-Chinese given name] [surname] [Chinese given names]
record the name as [surname], [non-Chinese given name] [Chinese given names].
Record all other names by applying the instructions at[]<>.

Loh, Philip Fook Seng
Name appears as: Philip Loh Fook Seng

Adam Schiff
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Subject: Bruce Li (not that one)

I have a dissertation by "Fuming (Bruce) Li"
I'm reasonably sure Li is the surname and Fuming is the given name. I assume Bruce is his "American" name, or maybe a nickname.  Further references to this person are scare - he's got another credit as Fuming (Bruce) Li on a paper he co-authored; he's in a group photo<> for a conference as "Fuming Bruce Li" and there is a patent<> listing him Li, Fuming Bruce.

Collective wisdom: in the AAP would you record
Li, Fuming Bruce
Li, Fuming (Bruce)
Li, Fuming $q (Fuming Bruce)
Li, Bruce $q (Fuming Bruce)
Or something else? There is another Li, Fuming in the NAF.
Am I missing something in the LC-PCC PS where this situation is covered?

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