There is only one week left until the New England Archivist's Fall 2016
Meeting at the Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, Massachusetts and there is
still time to register <>.
This year's meeting, "Bridging the Gaps" will explore ways the archival
profession can reach across divisions and work with stakeholders to expand
access to collections and document underrepresented communities and issues.
We are excited to welcome plenary speaker, Aaron Lansky who will talk
on *Treasure
for the Finding: The Ongoing Adventures of the Yiddish Book Center*.


How are you getting to Amherst for the NEA Fall 2016 Meeting? If you need a
ride or have extra room in your car in exchange for fine company (and/or
gas money) -- We've created an online, self-service carpooling sign-up sheet
where you can connect with other members looking to share a ride. Just
enter your name and contact info, when and from where you're traveling, and
whether you're a driver (with a car) or a rider. Then, wait to be contacted
by other carpoolers, or go ahead and contact others who list pick-up
locations and dates in line with your travel plans. ***Please note that
members are entirely responsible for making their own arrangements,
including meeting times, sharing the cost of gas, etc., and for following
through with their plans.***


The parking lot nearest to the Yiddish Book Center is limited by
construction on the Hampshire College campus. NEA Fall 2016 Meeting
attendees are being asked to park in the lot across from the Eric Carle
Museum (see mini map on the NEA website for exact location).

NEA Fall 2016 Meeting <>
Bridging the Gaps
Friday, October 14, 2016 | 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Yiddish Book Center | Amherst, MA

See you in Amherst! <>

New England Archivists
Communications Committee