To build his collection of Brass soloists, my uncle did what he called, 
"junking", going to junk yards and searching through things to find what 
he wanted. This was usually done on their trips around the country, 
stopping at roadside places. Yard sales have over taken auction houses 
and flea markets in some places in U.S., so one of the things to 
watch...going on now for some time to the yard sale and estate 
sales of older Americans. Over half the adult population is now over 65, 
and they still have the small collections of 78s of their parents 
collections squirreled away in cabinets...vinyl too. Much of this will 
be sent to Goodwill and Salvation Army. I'm hoping they don't throw them 
away as not saleable.

At least one person/family I know went to garage sales after they were 
closing down, and bought cheaply everything the seller wanted to get rid 
of. He and family ended up with opening a thrift store; many of which 
are now making profits of $60,000 or more a year.


On 10/11/2016 4:44 AM, Inigo Cubillo wrote:
> Clark,
> Thanks for your feedback. Of course in Madrid, like in any other old 5
> million people city, you can still find 78s. The trick is, as you said,
> that it seems that demand is falling down, and so does immediate supply.
> Noticeable fact is that you still can find'em, but you must search much
> more than years ago, when many antique shops had them, and certain stalls
> at the flea market used to have them always, apart from scattered stalls
> here and everywhere which also had them, one day here, another day there...
> Now one must go to dealers that continue selling records, and ask for 78s
> day after day for occasional success. It is also true that having a serious
> collection at home, most of times you don't find 78s of interest...
> Saludos,
> Inigo


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