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I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I'm doing an 8-track that 
is the only surviving copy of an album other than a home-made cassette 
(of an 8-track?, I'm not sure yet).

Anyway, there is something I don't think I've mentioned on 8-tracks.

They were often recorded with staggered heads, though usually tracks 1/2 
and 5/6 were on the same head.

Well, this particularly annoying 8-track seems to have substantially 
different azimuth on 5/6 than 1/2, so it's four separate passes for this 
one rather than two. Fortunately it's short.

A not half-bad Gospel trio from Virginia in the 1970s. The lady singer 
reminds me a bit of Judith Durham of The Seekers -- not quite as good, 
but her voice mixes in a similar way and can carry over the two guys -- 
and there's a bit of a Southern US accent rather than a 
British/Australian accent.

Thought you'd like to think about the 8-track annoyances. Once more 
StereoTool allows me monitor the azimuth better than any other option.

Now, if only this project could afford Plangent Processes on the wow and 
flutter...and then there is the inter-track crosstalk which I can't seem 
to lose no matter what head height is dialed in.



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