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American National Standards Institute. 1982. American national dictionary for information processing systems. Washington, D.C.: Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association. Information processing systems technical report, X3/TR-1-82. 137 p. Hard-bound. 2 copies available.


American National Standards Institute. 1990. American national standard for information systems--dictionary for information systems. New York, N.Y.: American National Standards Institute. ANSI X3.172-1990. 137 p. Paperback.


American National Standards Institute. 1992. American national standard for information systems: dictionary for information systems (computer security glossary). New York, N.Y.: American National Standards Institute. ANSI X3.172a-1992. 24 p. Paperback.


Asimov, Isaac. 1989. Asimov's chronology of science and discovery. New York: Harper & Row. 1st ed. 707 p. Hard-bound.


Bolz, Ray E., and George L. Tuve. 1970. CRC handbook of tables for applied engineering science. Cleveland, Ohio: Chemical Rubber Co. 1st ed. 975 p. Hard-bound.


Bruno, Leonard C. 1987. The tradition of science: landmarks of Western science in the collections of the Library of Congress. Washington, D.C.: The Library. 351 p. Hard-bound.


Considine, Douglas M. 1983. Van Nostrand's scientific encyclopedia. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold. 6th ed. 3067 p. Hard-bound. 2 copies available.


Debus, Allen G. 1968. World who's who in science: a biographical dictionary of notable scientists from antiquity to the present. Chicago: Marquis-Who's Who, Inc. Marquis biographical library. 1st ed. 1855 p. Hard-bound.


Dictionary of computing: information processing, personal computing, telecommunications, office systems, IBM-specific terms. 1987. Poughkeepsie, N.Y.: IBM. 8th ed. Paperback.


Freiberger, Walter F. 1960. The International dictionary of applied mathematics. Princeton, N.J.: Van Nostrand. 1173 p. Hard-bound.


Horn, Jack. 1966. Computer and data processing dictionary and guide. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall. 200 p. Hard-bound.


IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee, IEEE Computer Society, and American National Standards Institute. 1987. IEEE Standard glossary of computer applications terminology. New York, NY: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. ANSI/IEEE std ; 610.2-1987. 40 p. Paperback.


James, Glenn, and Robert C. James. 1949. Mathematics dictionary. New York: Van Nostrand. 432 p. Hard-bound.


James, Glenn, Robert C. James, and Armen Albert Alchian. 1976. Mathematics dictionary. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold Co. 4th ed. 509 p. Hard-bound.