[Post on behalf of Kris Vajs, Federal Reserve Board]

Chief Librarian
Research Library
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Washington, D.C.

The Research Library at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System is seeking a Chief Librarian.  The current incumbent is retiring.

As the central bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve's mission is to provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system. As a Federal Reserve staff member, you will play a critical role in accomplishing this mission.

Research at the Federal Reserve Board is data intensive and time-sensitive.  The Research Library, with a full-time staff of 16, offers a full array of desktop and customized library services to the 2,000 staff members at the Board. Over 400 of the Board's staff are Ph.D. economists, and many more support the research process.  The Library plays an integral role in the work of the Board, with more than 82% of the staff in the three primary research divisions utilizing the Library's services.  The Research Library was named the Federal Library of the Year in 2013.
Position Description
The chief librarian provides vision, leadership, and direction for the library's policies and programs.  Responsible for managing the Research Library and its staff, formulating and implementing library programs and services in support of the Board's mission and functions.   The library provides services the full range of library services.  These include data acquisition, data asset cataloging, and data reference.  The library supports scholarly communication by registering DOIs for Board publications, disseminating them to various institutional sites and Google Scholar, and maintaining a citation analysis program for Board research.  The chief librarian has overall responsibility for the oversight and administration of the Research Library's human, financial, material and information assets and assures that these are fully aligned with the information needs of the Board.
The chief librarian promotes knowledge of library resources and services among stakeholders and customers. Creates collaborative relationships with staff across the Board and the Federal Reserve System, engaging in projects to achieve common goals.  Works effectively with library customers and library staff to develop and provide services responsive to the information needs of Board staff.  Is knowledgeable about technology and applies it as appropriate to library products and tasks.  Provides advice and expertise on knowledge and information projects across the Board and potentially across the Federal Reserve System.  Guides the maintenance and development of the library's collections; using financial and statistical data on library expenditures, prepares a content budget request and monitors spending books, digital periodicals and newspapers, and contractual services.
Position Requirements
The position requires an MLS degree and a minimum of six years of experience providing data and information services to specialized staff within a research environment.  Experience as a team leader or project management experience in a library or similar environment is required.   Successful candidates will have strong oral and written communications skills, excellent interpersonal and collaboration skills, and a high degree of analytical ability and sound judgment.
Identifies recruitment sources for vacant positions and makes hiring decisions for new staff.  Responsible for managing the Research Library's staff, providing professional development, team building, and performance evaluation of current staff. Provides vision, leadership, and direction for the library's policies and programs.

The position, which is open until October 28, is being advertised at the FR-28 ($110,400 - $202,100) level.
The vacancy announcement, salary and benefits information can be found on the Board's Careers webpage:  The Board accepts traditional r�sum�s via the Board's streamlined online application system.

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The Federal Reserve Board is an Equal Opportunity Employer and seeks to foster a diverse work environment.