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The Department of Energy (DOE) conducts more than $11 billion a year in research and development (R&D), and DOE’s Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) maximizes the reach and impact of these investments, both through its own search tools and through other commonly used search engines.  We hope this newsletter provides useful information about OSTI’s activities and the resources we’re providing to the public and the scientific community.  We welcome your feedback on this newsletter and our efforts to provide access to DOE’s R&D results.  


OSTI.gov Newsletter

October/November 2016 Issue Contents


Progress in Advancing Public Access to DOE R&D Results Recognized with the Secretary of Energy Achievement Award

At the Department of Energy Honor Awards ceremony on September 15, 2016, Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz recognized the progress made by DOE and partnering agencies in advancing public access to the results of federally funded scientific research.  He presented the Secretary of Energy Achievement Award to the Public Access to DOE R&D Results Team for contributions that “resulted in a framework for unprecedented access to scholarly publications and digital data emanating from DOE’s $11 billion annual R&D investments.”    


OSTI Presents at International Data Week

OSTI representatives recently attended and made presentations at International Data Week (IDW), a conference held September 11-17, 2016, in Denver, CO.  IDW was an ideal venue for OSTI to learn how others are thinking about data and to discuss plans to enhance the way researchers and data-minded individuals discover data produced by DOE.  OSTI offers a database and search tool, DOE Data Explorer (DDE), and provides the DOE Data ID Service to help make DOE scientific research data available for discovery and reuse.


ORCID iDs Help Link Authors and Their Research Results on SciTech Connect

ORCID, a nonprofit organization working to connect and identify research and researchers, first opened its registry allowing researchers to register ORCID iDs and link their works to their iDs in 2012, and OSTI was one of the first federal organizations to embrace the ORCID concept.  Now, in 2016, OSTI offers authors the option to add records to the Works section of their ORCID profiles, following a brief authorization protocol, via SciTech Connect, the primary repository for DOE scientific and technical information.


DOE Open Government Plan 4.0 Highlights OSTI Products

The first three DOE Open Government Plans, published in 2010, 2012, and 2014, recognized a number of OSTI's contributions to advancing the principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration by making STI accessible.  In September 2016, the Department of Energy published the DOE Open Government Plan 4.0, and it too features a number of OSTI's products and services.


Statistically Speaking:  DOepatents

DOepatents, developed and hosted by OSTI, is a searchable database of more than 36,500 patents resulting from DOE R&D and includes patents that DOE sponsored through a variety of funding mechanisms, including grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements.  OSTI is working to collect and account for all DOE R&D results in our collections, and we have achieved this goal for the first time in DOepatents.


Meet Catherine Pepmiller

Catherine Pepmiller, an OSTI Librarian, is a member of the product management team in OSTI's Office of Access and Operations and serves as product manager of SciTech Connect, OSTI's flagship product for dissemination of all types of DOE-funded research, and ScienceCinema, a multimedia presentation tool.


Retiree Tribute:  Carol Patterson

Carol Patterson began her federal career in 1956 at the Technical Information Center, as OSTI was then called, in the card cataloguing operation.  As technology evolved and new programs were developed, Carol's responsibilities changed to include working in the motion picture film library and loan service, and later in document control and evaluation.


Most Viewed Documents from All OSTI Search Tools by Subject Category
Access the most viewed documents in your field of interest.


In the OSTI Collections:  Quantum Dots

Quantum dots are incredibly small specs of semiconductor materials with large potential for everyday applications in biomedical diagnostics, display technologies, photovoltaic cells, and light-emitting diode (LED) materials.


The Latest from OSTIblog
OSTIblog features the technology, services, people, and policies that are crucial to OSTI’s role in increasing accessibility of DOE-sponsored research.


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