[Resending from 9/30 because I think this got trapped in the aether]

G'morning PCC-ers (and a warm Shanah Tovah to fellow Hebes)

I stumbled across this document at the CC:DA site
blog/?p=1236 on fictitious families and corporate bodies. I was quite
pleased to see it, as I've oft wondered why entities such as

*Enterprise (Imaginary space vehicle)*
*Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Imaginary organization)*

were in LCSH rather than the NAF (in parellel with RDA's treatment of
fictional people)

I was unable (and am fully ready to chalk this up to bad navigational
skills) to find a response on the RSC site to this proposal. Does anyone
have any insight into what was the result of this proposal?

2. Follow up -- has there been a proposal (or immediate rejection of such)
for fictional places such as

*Oz (Imaginary place)*

*Never-Never Land (Imaginary place)*
to be entered into the NAF rather than LCSH?


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