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The ALCTS Interest Group, Role of the Professional Librarian in 
Technical Services (RPLTS-IG) is seeking proposals for presentations at 
ALA Midwinter 2017 in Atlanta. RPLTS-IG will meet on Saturday, January 
21st, from 10:30am -- 11:30am.

This year’s Midwinter tagline is “The Conversation Starts Here”, and to 
capitalize on that concept, we are particularly interested in proposals 
that can start conversations and elicit positive changes in library 
technical services. Presenters will be allotted approximately 20 
minutes, with a short time for questions after the presentations.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

  * Special issues of diversity in technical services
  * Fostering relationships and collaboration between technical services
    and other departments
  * Advocacy for the needs of both professionals and paraprofessionals

If you are interested in presenting, please email Paul 
([log in to unmask]) and Mingyan ([log in to unmask]) your presentation 
topic and brief description by*Monday November 21, 2016*.

Thank you!

Paul Robert Burley and Mingyan Li, RPLTS-IG 2016-17 Co-Chairs

Tiewei (Lucy) Liu and Michelle Hahn, RPLTS-IG 2016-17 Co-Vice Chairs

Mingyan Li

Resource Access Librarian
Richard J. Daley Library
University of Illinois at Chicago
Voice: (312)996-3040
Fax: (312)413-0424
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