About a month ago I made a change to an AR (copied below) to reflect the author’s preferred name.   LC has not yet done BFM for 2016016011.  The author would like to know what the usual turnaround time is.  Does anybody know?





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010  no2009027619

040  NjP ǂb eng ǂe rda ǂc NjP ǂd NcD

1001 Hassan, Mona

670  Loss of Caliphate, 2009: ǂb t.p. (Mona F. Hassan)

670  Email from the author, August 25, 2016: ǂb (Mona Hasson, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies & History and International Comparative Studies, Duke University.  Her middle initial will not be used in her book Longing for the lost caliphate, in publication (ln 2016016011).  Requests removal of middle initial from authority file.)