Dear PCCLIST readers,

Although it's not required to report one-to-one changes and BFM, in some cases I make a note in my calendar a few months ahead to check whether LC's catalog has been updated. And if not, I send a message.

In one case earlier this year, I did so in June, having made a change to n  97042196 (Tsiṭer, Ḳeren) in December 2015.  Last month Paul Frank wrote back with notification of a further change, along with some helpful advice, including not to update any AAPs having Hebraica names, but to report them to [log in to unmask] instead.  So I was glad to have sent that report. Without it, I wonder whether anyone would have picked up on the change I had made - and I would have not had the benefit of Paul's advice.

I reported n  97042196 additionally to the PERSNAME-L list - twice - and have just submitted a PERSNAME-L report of the case of Mona F. Hassan (and a namesake, Mona Kamel Hassan) which Amy Turner has brought to our attention.

Sincerely - Ian

Ian Fairclough
Cataloging and Metadata Services Librarian
George Mason University
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