Hello cataloging friends,


I have a question about when one work becomes another.


Please see LCCN 2012552039 (OCLC #809833452).  This is the record for a collection of three apparently related short stories by Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro, published in 2012, with title Las negras.  The cataloger chose not to use a conventional collective title to identify the compilation work, which seems reasonable to me.  The title proper is serving as the preferred title for the work.


Now I have an edition of the book published in 2016 with one (rather brief) additional story.  It’s called “Edicion aumentada” on the title page verso.


Is this a new work, or a new expression of the original work?  It seems to me that the work-to-work relationship designator “Expanded version of (work)” applies perfectly to this situation.  But how much expansion does there have to be?  The previously published part of the new book, plus some introductory material, takes up 130 pages and the new story just 10.


If it’s a new work, then I guess I should follow the decision of the cataloger of the original work and use the title proper as my preferred title, qualifying it probably by year.


I suspect there is published guidance that I am missing.  Please lead me to it!




Pete Wilson

Vanderbilt University