Was there a period in which there was no Kenya Law Reform Commission?

Pete Wilson
Vanderbilt University

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Subject: [PCCLIST] Corporate body when the law which established it changes

Hi Helpful PCC members,

I was wondering if there is guidance somewhere on whether or not a corporate body is considered to be a new one (or warrants a new NAR) if the law which put it into force changes, even though the name of the body stays the same.

I have this scenario with the Kenya Law Reform Commission. According to its annual reports:

2006, 24th Annual Report: "The KLRC was established on 13th May 1982 by the KLRC Act (Cap.3)"
2014-2015 (no more numbering, although still issued annually): "The Kenya Law Reform Commission is established by the Kenya Law Reform Commission Act, 2013 (no. 19 of 2013) as a successor to the Law Reform Commission, previously established under the repealed Law Reform Commission Act, Cap 3"

So, my questions: does this warrant a new NAR for the Kenya Law Reform Commission, based on the fact that the law which enacted it has changed? Or should the existing NAR (ARN 2431651, n  88270582) be noted to reflect the change?

Also, if I'm reading LC-PCC PS for correctly, the variant on this NAR remains valid (Kenya. Law Reform Commission), yes?

The text of the Act can be found here:
I appreciate you thoughts and guidance on this matter. Am I overthinking this?


Alexis Zirpoli
Cataloging Services Librarian
University of Michigan Law Library
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