LCCN 914163610 is the record for Niall Barr’s Yanks and limeys, and LCCN 892878910 is the record for Niall Barr’s Eisenhower’s armies.  These are, in fact, the British and American expressions of the same work.  Since LC seems to have received Yanks and limeys first, and since the author is British, I chose the British title as the preferred title and created an authority record linking the two titles.  I also added the preferred title to the American edition, and added 775s to both records for the other title (both titles were published in the same year).


LC assigned different class numbers to each title.  Yanks and limeys is classed at E 183.8 .G7 B2187 2015, while Eisenhower’s armies is classed at D 748 .B26 2015.  The latter seems to me to be the better classification, as the book seems to be about the formation and operation of the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Forces during World War II, although this obviously involved the diplomatic and military relations between the U.S. and the U.K.  I think it is unfortunate that there is no class number for the Supreme Headquarters, so D748 seems to be the best alternative.  I therefore added D 748 .B26 2015b to the record for Yanks and limeys (but also kept the call number assigned by LC).  I also attempted to ensure that the subject headings were the same on both (they were very close).


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