Were Walter Scott a Sir once more!  Robbing him of his title has caused great confusion with our users.




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I agree. Other term of rank, honour or office was added to RDA to cover this kind of addition. I’m familiar with it because I wrote the proposal. The heading you have is RDA-acceptable, and it would be contrary to PCC policy to change it.


We keep seeing cases where perfectly valid headings have been wrongly changed when recoding a record to RDA. If the heading has a valid RDA structure, and reflects the person’s usage, PCC policy does not allow it to be changed.






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"Sir" is an "other term of rank, honour or office."  RDA currently says that you may include it in an AAP even if there is no need to distinguish between access points.  And the LC-PCC PS says not to change an existing heading merely to remove it.  I'm not sure that's what they said back when the dreaded 667 was added, but I think you're OK now.


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I know I should know this by now, but I don’t know it by now, and I’m getting lost navigating RDA, PS’s, NACO, etc. (which I should all have memorized by now, but I don’t) in a time-consuming but failed attempt to finally know it by now.


So I’m going to take the easy way out and just ask:


Does an authority record originally established as


Smith, John, Sir, 1855-1900



need  to be re-established as:

“Smith, John, 1855-1900”


with a cross reference to:

“Smith, John, Sir, 1855-1900”


In order for it to be fully RDA compliant?


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