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G'morning PCC-ers (and a warm Shanah Tovah to fellow Hebes)

I stumbled across this document at the CC:DA site on fictitious families and corporate bodies. I was quite pleased to see it, as I've oft wondered why entities such as 

Enterprise (Imaginary space vehicle) 
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Imaginary organization) 

were in LCSH rather than the NAF (in parellel with RDA's treatment of fictional people)

I was unable (and am fully ready to chalk this up to bad navigational skills) to find a response on the RSC site to this proposal. Does anyone have any insight into what was the result of this proposal?

2. Follow up -- has there been a proposal (or immediate rejection of such) for fictional places such as 

Oz (Imaginary place) 
Never-Never Land (Imaginary place)

to be entered into the NAF rather than LCSH?


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