Dear All,

Please excuse the duplication.

I have a selection of facsimiles of the correspondence of a noted scholar while he was director of a research institute. He was multilingual and the correspondence is in 6 different languages and 4 different writing systems. All of the correspondence (roughly 70%) which wasn't in Cyrillic Mongolian has also been translated into one language (Mongolian) and one writing system (Cyrillic). The correspondence was all from 1958 and 1959.

Would the following be the way to set up the two NARs?

For the original (work):  Author. $t Correspondence. $k Selections (Research institute)
For the translated texts (expression):  Author. $t Correspondence. $k Selections (Research institute). $l Mongolian (Cyrillic) [with an optional $s (Editor) added to both]

Thank you,

Wayne Richter
Asian Materials Specialist/PCC Liaison
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