The RDA Board and RDA Steering Committee (RSC) are seeking an individual with expertise in RDA and cataloging to take on the role of Translations Team Liaison Officer.

This is one of two RSC positions described in the recent announcement about recruitment (

RDA is fully or partially translated in nine languages, with additional translations in preparation. RDA is being developed for international use; this role reflects the importance of ensuring that the needs of non-Anglophone and multilingual communities are properly considered. This is an exciting opportunity to be an integral part of the team responsible for developing RDA, the global standard enabling discovery of content.

The RDA Translations Team comprises members of the RSC Translations Working Group and other individuals and organizations engaged in translations of RDA.

The Liaison Officer represents the interests of RDA translators and the RSC Translations Working Group on the RSC and is expected to Chair the RSC Translations Working Group. For further information see:

·      RSC/Chair/14 - Terms of reference for the RSC Translations Working Group (

·      RSC/Chair/14/2016 - RSC Translations Working Group: 2016 membership and tasks (

·      RSC/Policy/6 - Translation Policy for RDA and RDA Toolkit (

The Liaison Officer works closely with James Hennelly (ALA Digital Reference), who manages translations of RDA Toolkit, and advises the RDA Development Team on the requirements of translations of RDA Reference in the RDA Registry

A full description of the responsibilities of this position is available at the link below.

As with other members of the RSC, the position is unpaid. Carrying out the responsibilities of the position requires a significant investment of time, and candidates must be able to meet that commitment.

To be eligible to apply, the candidate must work for an institution that has implemented RDA and must have expert knowledge of RDA. To apply for this position, please submit the form at the link below by October 29, 2016 to Gordon Dunsire, RSC Chair:  [log in to unmask]

Link to role description =

Link to download a Word version of application form = FORM RSC Roles.docx