I wonder whether, in (some of?) the cases Adam cites below, the relationship would be more accurately expressed by the relatively new RDs "editorial director" and/or "founder of work".  As these are both work-level relationships, using them could resolve at least this variety of the work-to-expression conundrum.


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Bob Maxwell wrote: 


“This is an expression to work relationship. At the moment, RDA doesn’t recognize any expression to work relationship (it’s not just confined to series) between different works. And yet such relationships do exist and are important. The RSC Relationship Designators Working Group is proposing to remedy this. We’ll see how that plays at the RSC meeting next month, and how it works out in terms later RDA revisions.”


Here’s another common situation illustrating work to expression relationships:


130 _0  223B casebook series

380        Series (Publications) ǂ2 lcsh

500 1_ ǂi Editor: ǂa Peschel, Bill ǂw r


100 1_  Arendt, Erich. ǂt Poems. ǂk Selections

400 1_  Arendt, Erich. ǂt Trug doch die Nacht den Albatros

500 1_ ǂi Editor: ǂa Albers, B. ǂq (Bernhard) ǂw r


130 _0 Catálogo Histórias mestiças

380       Exhibition catalogs ǂ2 lcsh

381       Pedrosa and Schwarcz

430 _0 Histórias mestiças

500 1_ ǂi Editor: ǂa Schwarcz, Lilia Moritz ǂw r

500 1_ ǂi Editor: ǂa Pedrosa, Adriano ǂw r


130 _0 China-Europe relations (Shambaugh, Sandschneider, and Zhou)

381       Shambaugh, Sandschneider, and Zhou

381       Routledge (Firm) ǂ2 naf

500 1_ ǂi Editor: ǂa Shambaugh, David L. ǂw r

500 1_ ǂi Editor: ǂa Sandschneider, Eberhard, ǂd 1955- ǂw r

500 1_ ǂi Editor: ǂa Zhou, Hong, ǂd 1952- ǂw r


130 _0 Dangerous visions

380       Short stories ǂa Science fiction ǂ2 lcgft

381       Ellison

500 1_ ǂi Editor: ǂa Ellison, Harlan ǂw r


130 _0 Dortmunder Schriften zur Musikpädagogik und Musikwissenschaft

380       Series (Publications) ǂa Monographic series ǂ2 lcsh

500 1_ ǂi Editor: ǂa Erlach, Thomas, ǂd 1970- ǂw r

500 1_ ǂi Editor: ǂa Oehl, Klaus, ǂd 1970- ǂw r


130 _0 Great horror stories (Bernard)

380       Short stories ǂa Horror fiction ǂ2 lcgft

381       Bernard

500 1_ ǂi Editor: ǂa Bernard, Christine, ǂd 1926-2000 ǂw r


Each of these examples has a work access point in the 1XX and a person associated with expressions in the 5XX.


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