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LC's MARC>MODS XSLTs are based on LC's mappings. The 563 isn't mapped in the MARC>MODS mapping <> therefore it's not converted in LC's XSLTs. Only some MARC note fields are currently mapped and converted--here's the current list: <>.


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Subject: [MODS] MARC 563 Binding Information not preserved in MODS

I've just noticed that the above MARC field doesn't seem to be outputting when converting MARC to MODS. Is there a reason why it hasn't been included?
 Here's what I have in the MARC record.

   <marc:datafield tag="563" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
      <marc:subfield code="a">
         Repaired and re-bound at NLW in black morocco in 1976 (see note on f. 59).

Would it be possible to include it maybe in following format? 

<note type="binding information">Repaired and re-bound at NLW in black morocco in 1976 (see note on f. 59).</note>

Many thanks,

National Library of Wales