NLS Operations Alert


No. 16-96


DATE          :    November 9, 2016

TO                :    Network Libraries

FROM         :    Jane Caulton, Head, Publications and Media Section

SUBJECT   :    Information sheets replace brochures



In July 2016, NLS issued the first set of print information sheets for public education. These products replace the brochures that are now obsolete as the industry is moving toward simplified communication. We hope you find them useful.


Below is a list of the just released information sheets available from your multistate center:



The new full-color, double-sided, 8-1/2" x 11" large-print sheets share all the information found in the customizable information sheets in your Network Library Toolkit, which you may still use.


You may also order the following from your multistate center:



Currently, an information sheet addressing Frequently Asked Questions is in process, as well as an effort to make the first six information sheets available in braille.


For more information contact:

Jane Caulton

Head, Publications and Media Section

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