I would treat the record as if it WERE coded as undifferentiated and after you create a new NAR for your person, add the requisite 667 note Last identity on undifferentiated record; reported for deletion, and then report that to LC Coop and ask them to create a new NAR for the remaining identity.


Adam Schiff

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Subject: Undifferentiated PN NAR not indicated as being undifferentiated


NAR n 82245710 has two different people on it but is not indicated as being undifferentiated. In addition it is indicated as being  rda. I presume we use the same procedures as if it was 008/32 “b” instead of “a”. I have a lot of information on the person represented by the second 670 so can easily remove him from this NAR. After that I presume I should report the existing NAR for deletion even though it was never indicated as being undifferentiated.


Is that the proper course of action for a case such as this?


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