When I was at The Rodgers & Hammerstein Archives, the Toscanini recordings can be listened to, in house at the NYPL for the Performing arts at Lincoln Center. I'm not an expert as to what has been released. However the recordings released by RCA in the 90's were taken by the recordings held by the Toscanini family. Last I heard, The Toscanini Foundation & RCA have a tight hold on what gets used for release. The all time expert on the Toscanini recordings is Seth Winner. He can give you all the details, since he has worked on the Toscanini recordings since the early 90's. So you can listen but don't even think about getting a copy.

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Looking through the archives of the NY Public Library I noticed that there
were a fair number of NY Phil/Toscanini in-house/air check recordings in The
Toscanini Legacy collection of sound recordings. Quite a number of these
appear never to have been released publicly, though probably the ATS may
have issued some on LP. Anyone know why these haven't seen a commercial
release (official or otherwise)?





Eric Nagamine