Inkjet-printable CD-Rs and DVD-Rs are the way to go, in my opinion. I use a Primera Bravo SE-3 printer. 



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We’ve switched to “core” labels which do not cover any of the disc’s data area, but still provide ample space for printed information (with a small font!).

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> On Dec 9, 2016, at 1:46 PM, Gary A. Galo <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Unfortunately I am experiencing the same thing. Thank The Force for printable CD-Rs!
> Gary
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> This is off topic but I found that the paper labels designed for CDRs render the discs useless after a few years. 
> db
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>> On Dec 9, 2016, at 2:50 PM, Inigo Cubillo <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Years ago, as I reached 200 CDs in my personal collection, I decided 
>> to buy one of those pretty neat soft suitcases made to store 200 CDs 
>> in 8-pocket sheets bounded as in a book. That was an era when I used 
>> to travel a lot, for medium-large stays at construction sites, and I 
>> wanted to take my CD collection with me. I had acquired an also 
>> pretty neat CITIZEN brand CD player, back in 1991, which is sized 
>> like a pile of five CD cases, to give you an idea. So to move from 
>> site to site with the player and the 200-CD suitcase seemed quite 
>> reasonable. The player is quite good; it still is my home CD player, 
>> still in good shape and perfect working order. Back in '91 it costed 
>> to me some $400, which by then was a serious expense for me. The good 
>> quality and endurance have largely ustified the expense! During these years I've had other CD players that regularly have failed in two years!
>> Anyway, back to the subject... The CD suitcase was useful for three 
>> months or so. Then I noticed that the treat I was giving to the CDs, 
>> when extracting them from the pockets and storing them back, was not 
>> good for preserving them, if only because of the friction of the disc 
>> surfaces against the plastic and the cloth of the pockets. I read 
>> somewhere that this in the end will scratch and ruin the CDs, while 
>> the proper storage in plastic cases avoided any scratching, for the 
>> disc is taken from the front, and the cases hold them only by the 
>> center hole. I discarded the suitcase and put all the discs again in their original cases, forgetting the idea.
>> Of course, almost all my original CDs, 25 years after, still work 
>> fine. One or two of certain brands have deteriorated until 
>> unplayable, but this was a problem of manufacture, as I read later.
>> Invariably, a few ones that were copies from the originals, have all 
>> failed.
>> I've also noticed the sticky ink problem with the toner used in paper 
>> photocopies when stored in PVC bags. These are ruined on a few months!
>> Inigo Cubillo