Hi Richard,

Thanks for your note and clarification.  When John mentioned the resurfacing machine, I was actually thinking ahead in terms of possible future use of it though that wasn't clear in my note.  I agree with you:  I don't think resurfacing the label side would be possible--or desirable--but it's something that I'm really not going to consider.


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Hi, John, and Frank,

In reading the two paragraphs quoted below, there is some ambiguity that the resurfacing machine might be used on the label side. That is not possible, is it? I don't think on a single-layer CD that can be done. 
Since I was confused slightly, I thought I'd mention it publicly in case anyone else might be.

The confusion stems from Frank saying the PVC is only on the label side and then John saying not to use it for removing large foreign objects like a PVC layer.



On 12/9/2016 12:38, John Schroth wrote in part:
> Hi Frank:
> > I would not buy the resurfacing machine to remove large foreign 
> > objects
> such as a PVC layer from the disks. It could be used to resurface a 
> disk that has had minor to major surface damage to the disk while 
> removing the PVC layer from the disk. It can remove scratches that are 
> surprisingly severe (unless they've gone straight through the 
> protective
> layer) without damaging the disk. I've also seen a haze built up on 
> disks over the years and the machine is great for general cleaning and 
> removing haze.
> On 12/9/2016 12:02 PM, Frank Ferko wrote in part:
>> Hi, John,
>> Our sleeves have PVC on only one side with cloth on the other side, 
>> so the side with printing is the only side that is sticking.
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