Hi ARSClist - I'm happy to announce the next resource in the NRPB historical
audio serials project will be Hillandale News, the magazine of the City of
London Phonograph and Gramophone Society ( They've generously
granted permission for us to scan and post online the entire archive of
their important magazine, published 1960-2001. Their current magazine 'For
the Record' will not be included, but back issues are available for sale on
their site.

I'm still looking for some issues to complete this project, so I'd like to
ask your help. If any of you - collectors or institutions - can lend issues
or provide scans of the following, it would improve the quality of the
results (the Library's copies are bound).

91, 94, 103, 125-128, 209-end (232?)

Please email me if you can help. Otherwise, you can look forward to digging
in sometime early 2017.

Mason Vander Lugt
National Recording Preservation Board
National Audiovisual Conservation Center
Library of Congress