I agree, actually. When I jumped on the Ampex 456 bandwagon in 1978, a couple of professionals recommended Agfa PEM 468. I'm kicking myself for not listening to them. Especially, since that "stockpile" of 206 from the early '70s did not exist. 



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If *I* could do all my analog experiences over again, I would use Agfa. Agfa was the only tape the would leave a perfectly flat pack even at high speed rewind. And it sounded excellent, better than any American tape, if you tweaked your machine for it.

468/469 forever!

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> If I could do my analog tape era over again, I'd stockpile enough 206 from the early 1970s to carry me to the end of it.
> But, as is often the case, your mileage may vary!