Greetings, ARSC folks-

I'm wondering if anyone out there has encountered problems with CDs that have been stored in soft PVC CD sleeves, which, over time have stuck to the surface of the CD.  At Stanford we recently received a donation of a large number of CDs, but the original owner put many of the CDs into PVC sleeves to save space.  We are now encountering the problem of the printing on the surface of some of the CDs sticking to the plastic sleeves, so that removing the CDs from the sleeve may damage the CD by removing the lacquer and exposing the underlying aluminum.   Has anyone dealt with this issue and come up with a reliable process of removing the CDs safely from the sticky PVC sleeves?

I would appreciate any good advice that anyone has to offer.


Frank Ferko
Sound Archives Librarian
Archive of Recorded Sound
Stanford University
Stanford, CA  94305