The longest night, the shortest day, and the light begins to return. Obviously something to mark - Stonehenge and older passage tombs would light up at the break of dawn on the Solstice morning. A holy day for sure!

Every organized religion since 5,000 years ago has coopted it with its own brand of celebration. Why not?!? Jesus was not born on Dec. 25, they just chose the dark time to mark it…

Much more than “something to do!” Simething to celebrate!


Lou Judson
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On Dec 24, 2016, at 2:03 AM, Shai Drori <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I think happy holidays is most appropriate since there are more than 7
> religions that have different holidays this time of year. I guess ancient
> folks were trying to find something to do in the cold winter.