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Hi Ben,

Why do you want to use that type of headshell? I'm not sure it's the best type, and it certainly won't be the easiest to fit. A conventional Japanese/SME type of headshell will be much easier to work with. Many years ago I mounted a VRII in an Audio Technica headshell, with good results. I just took some quick and dirty photos, which I've attached. .

The VRII mounting holes are standard 1/2-inch spacing, so all you need to do is drill and file a slot in the headshell to accommodate the stylus push-and-turn shaft. Be sure to file it wide enough so the red plastic knob can be pushed all the way down to allow turning of the stylus (if you look closely, you'll see that I didn't!). 

I experimented with this cartridge on 78s some 25 years ago, and found that with the original GE stylus it was punchy, dynamic and very detailed. Acoustic records sounded especially good (I recall being very impressed with the sound on the Victor Blue label issue of Albert's Coates' acoustic Beethoven 9th). But, when I tried it with a replacement 78-rpm stylus (I don't remember the brand), the excellent detail turned into grunge.. I think this will be the problem with this cartridge - finding styli that work well. It may be difficult to get a good fit on a lot of records, especially those that would normally require a wider stylus (greater than, say, 3.3 mil). 

If you want higher mass than the typical perforated Japanese/SME type of shell, go to this page on the Esoteric Sound web site and scroll down to S240, which is available in both natural and black finish:

These headshells are made in Japan by Jelco and are very high quality. 

As you may be able to make out from my first photo, I paralleled the stereo wiring in the headshell. Just solder jumpers to the headshell pins close to the headshell body. 

I hope this helps.



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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Where can I get a GE VRII (push 'n' turn) cartridge installed into a black Ortofon SPU Type G Headshell Shell?

Hello everyone

Where can I get a GE VRII (push 'n' turn) cartridge installed into a black Ortofon SPU Type G Headshell Shell?
See photo:

Ben Roth