This syntax is supported in BIBFRAME 2.0

<bf:Role rdf:about=""/>

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Subject: [BIBFRAME] Recording roles with relator URIs and Bibframe 2.0


related to my last question to this list, I would like to know: Is there is an euivalent to the Bibframe v1 property "relator" in Bibframe 2? We would like to indicate the type a contribution by using MARC relator URIs, like this:

@prefix bf2: <> .
@prefix bf1: <> .

     bf2:contribution [ a bf:Contribution ;
                 bf2:agent <> ;
                 bf1:relator <>
]  .

As you can see, we use the Bibframe 1.0 property "relator" here because 
I could not find an equivalent in Bibframe 2.0. bf:role seems the best 
fit but it has rdfs:Literal as range which is not what we need.

In other words, my question is: How would you model the example above 
solely using Bibframe 2.0?

All the best