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We (my Agency and IT vendor Omega software that created our archive management application according to our needs) just created EAD 3 compatible XML with information about Agency's fonds and validated it (we used web page for this purpose). Results was that XML is well formed and valid. Next step would be to enable XML generation function of the application on test environment (and then on production environment)- tests are scheduled for January 5 and 9. I'll send some  follow up at the end of this project. Thank you very, very much for all your kind recommendations.

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Dear Ruth and Michele,

Thank you very much for your answers. I meant to ask about IT tool created to validate EAD xml file against validation rules stated in tag library. For example, for structured set of records with xml backbone for medicinal products approval, there are several IT tools-validators that validate submissions against validation rules such are presence of elements, name conventions etc. It is a mix between technical and content validation.(Example from my work domain, I work in Croatian version of Food and drugs administration as their archivist). Another example from my work environment - records digitised for us by a third party come with xml files used for transfer of metadata into attributes of records after ingest. We are using FileNet based EDRM system. If xml files are not valid (eg. wrong elements according to xml schema), validation function in ingest process moves packages into SIPerror folder for correction.  

So, there are no validator tool similar to my examples. I'm working on computer generated EAD description from database of my institution (sort of archival management system) and I created for developers of that database and application example of EAD xml file with mapping of elements and database attributes. ( is almost done). I followed EAD3 tag library (for structure and parent-child element related rules). 
Thank you very much for a good advice -   I'll use EAD Round-table
guidelines for additional check of validity before development of EAD creation functionality (

Kind regards,