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Please find attached weeded, donated, and orphaned books now available to a good home (Weeded_December_2016.xls).


In addition, the NASA History Division asked the HQ Library’s Information Center to distribute their titles to the public for free. The attached document, FedLib - NASA History Books.docx, list the currently available titles. Some of the titles on the Weeded list duplicate titles on the History Books list. Unless you say otherwise, I will send the weeded copies first assuming they are intended for your library. There is not cost for shipping of the History titles to any library (public, college, government, or prison). If you wish to get copies as presents or personal collections, we do charge $3 for shipping (U.S. Bank Checks only).


Please reply to [log in to unmask] by January 1, 2017. We will pay for postage.




Rick Spencer



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Information Services Group, BFJV, Inc.

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