The National Agricultural Library is currently recruiting the position of director of the Information Systems Division / Associate Director of the National Agricultural Library.
The Information Systems Division is responsible for the design and operation of information systems within the National Agricultural Library; the development of long-range plans for the dissemination of electronic information; and inter-agency and intra-agency coordination and planning activities involving information technology at USDA.

The incumbent serves as head of the Information Systems Division with administrative and management responsibility for the division, including development and maintenance of computer and network systems, implementation of national standards in information technology, quality assurance for NAL databases, information security and privacy, and developing and managing NAL's web presence.
The deadline for applications is Monday, December 12, 2016.

Please consider applying for this position yourself - or forwarding this announcement through your professional networks to candidates who might be interested in this position.

You can see the full announcement, including how to apply, here:

Below is a short overview of the duties, and the grade and salary of the position:
Major Duties may include, but are not limited to:

  *   Responsible for maintaining full awareness of IT advances in libraries and the wider information management environment so as to perform strategic-level technology assessments and provide expert advice and leadership in successfully making major systems or fundamental work process changes.
  *   Demonstrates knowledge of current, and tracks the emergence of new, programming languages and applications development approaches to improve NAL's information management posture.
  *   Participates in the development of plans and policies for national and international cooperation in the creation and distribution of agricultural information.
  *   Participates with the Director, NAL, and other key NAL officials in establishing policies, programs, plans and budgets for NAL.
Series and Grade, and Salary Range

This is a supervisory information technology specialist position, GS-2210-15, with a pay range of $128,082 and $160,300 per year.

Again, I hope you will consider applying for this important leadership position at the National Agricultural Library, or forwarding this announcement to candidates who might be interested in this position.

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Paul M. Wester, Jr.
Director, National Agricultural Library
USDA, Agricultural Research Service
10301 Baltimore Ave, Beltsville, MD 20705

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