GL18 in a Snapshot - Leveraging Diversity in Grey Literature


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News Article:


Latitudes on the 18th International Grey Literature Conference / Kathleen Carlson, Associate and Education Librarian, UA College of Medicine Phoenix, Arizona


Best Poster:


A Geographical Visualization of the GL Community: a Snapshot / Gabriella Pardelli, Sara Goggi, Roberto Bartolini, Irene Russo, and Monica Monachini; ILC-CNR, Italy

Today, in the spirit of science, grey literature communities are called to demonstrate their know-how and merit to wider audiences. This stresses the important role of several international organizations in producing and disseminating knowledge in the field of Grey Literature. The poster and presentation provided a first snapshot of the geographical distribution of GL organizations and their participation in the annual International Conference on Grey Literature from 2003 to 2015.

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