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TP 881 .I61 1975         141 OCLC holdings

International Conference on Ready-Mixed Concrete, and Ravindra K. Dhir. 1976. Advances in ready mixed concrete technology: proceedings of the first International Conference on Ready-Mixed Concrete held at Dundee University, 29th September-1 October, 1975. Oxford: Pergamon Press. 1st ed. 492 p. Hbk.


TP 881 .M551 1969     113 OCLC holdings

Menzel Symposium on High Pressure Steam Curing, and William H. Kuenning. 1972. Menzel Symposium on High Pressure Steam Curing [proceedings of a symposium held at the 65th ACI annual convention]. Edited by W. H. Kuenning. [Detroit]: [American Concrete Institute. 282 p. Pbk.


TP 881 .N277 1972      113 OCLC holdings

National Research Council (U.S.). 1972. Guide to compounds of interest in cement and concrete research. Special report (National Research Council U.S. Highway Research Board (HRB)) 127. Washington, National Research Council (U.S.). Highway Research Board.  53 p. Pbk.


TP 881 .P427 1972      127 OCLC holdings

Peray, Kurt E., and Joseph J. Waddell. 1972. The rotary cement kiln. New York: Chemical Pub. Co. New York, Chemical Pub. Co. 194 p. Hbk.


TP 881 .P681 1980      2 OCLC holdings

Cement plant glossary. 1980. Chicago, Ill: Pit & Quarry. Rev. and enl. 3rd ed. 21 p. Pbk. 2 copies.


TP 881 .P829   254 OCLC holdings

Popovics, Sandor, 1921-. 1979. Concrete-making materials. Washington: Hemisphere Pub. Corp.  370 p. Hbk.


TP 881 .R165

Ramachandran, V. S. (Vangipuram Seshachar). 1969. Applications of differential thermal analysis in cement chemistry. New York: Chemical Pub. Co. 308 p. Hbk.


TP 881 .R56 C44 1978             107 OCLC holdings

Rixom, M. R. 1978. Chemical admixtures for concrete. London: E & F.N. Spon.; New York : Wiley : [Distributed in the U.S.A. by Halsted Press]. 234 p. Hbk.


TP 881 .T242 1964      325 OCLC holdings

Taylor, H. F. W. 1964. The chemistry of cements. London: Academic Press. 2 volumes. Hbk.


TP 882 .C763 1988      3 OCLC holdings

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. 1988. Concrete plant operator's manual. Silver Spring, Md: National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. 3rd ed. NRMCA publication no. 159.


TP 882.3 .A53 1992     48 OCLC holdings

Portland Cement Association. 1992. An Analysis of selected trace metals in cement and kiln dust. Skokie, Ill: Portland Cement Association. 51 p. Pbk.


TP 882.3 .C64 1993     17 OCLC holdings

Colucci, Mena, Paul Epstein, and Bruce Bartley. 1993. A comparison of metal and organic concentrations in cement and clinker made with fossil fuels to cement and clinker made with waste derived fuels. Skokie, Ill: Portland Cement Association. 20 p. Pbk.


TP 882.3 .R36 1988     139 OCLC holdings

Gebhardt, Ronald F. 1988. Rapid methods for chemical analysis of hydraulic cement. Philadelphia, PA: ASTM. 158 p. ASTM special technical publication 985. 2 copies.


TP 883 .A244 1983      156 OCLC holdings

Ghosh, S. N. 1983. Advances in cement technology: critical reviews and case studies on manufacturing, quality control, optimization and use. Oxford [etc.]: Pergamon Press. 1st ed. 804 p. Hbk.


TP 883 .B675 1955      211 OCLC holdings

Bogue, Robert Herman. 1955. The chemistry of portland cement. New York: Reinhold Pub. Corp. 2nd ed. 793 p. Hbk.


TP 883 .B993 1983      275 OCLC holdings

Bye, G. C. 1983. Portland cement: composition, production, and properties. Oxford [Oxfordshire]: Pergamon Press. 1st ed. 149 p. Hbk.


TP 883 .D264 1934      44 OCLC holdings

Davis, A. C. 1934. Portland cement. London: Concrete publications Ltd. A practical treatise on modern methods of manufacturing and testing Portland cement and on the chemistry of Portland cement, with some notes on the development of cement from the earliest times. 435 p. Hbk.


TP 883 .P33 1967        4 OCLC holdings

Portland Cement Association. 1967. Soil-cement slope protection for earth dams: laboratory tests. Skokie, IL: Portland Cement Association. 26 p. Pbk. Concrete Information (Portland Cement Association) CB11.


TP 883 .W827 1966     223 OCLC holdings

Witt, Joshua Chitwood. 1966. Portland cement technology. New York: Chemical Pub. Co. 2nd ed. 346 p. Hbk.


TP 884 .A3 C66 1984

Ramachandran, V. S. 1984. Concrete admixtures handbook: properties, science, and technology. Park Ridge, N.J., USA: Noyes Publications. 626 p. Hbk.


TP 884 .A3 D63 1990

Dodson, Vance H. 1990. Concrete admixtures. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold. 211 p. Hbk.


TP 884 .A3 T35 1993   6 OCLC holdings

Tang, Fulvio J., and Stewart W. Tresouthick. 1993. Hydration and performance of cements with various amounts and forms of added sulfate. Skokie, Ill: Portland Cement Association. 7 p. Pbk.