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The voice of the past : oral history

D 16.14 .T48 1988

Thompson, Paul Richard, 1935-

The Hopewell School site, a late archaic campsite in the Central Brazos
River Valley / Joseph G. Gallagher and Susan E. Bearden.

E 78 .T4 G34 1976

Gallagher, Joseph G.

Dammed Indians : the Pick-Sloan Plan and the Missouri River Sioux, 1944-1980

E 99 .D1 L425 1982

Lawson, Michael L.

Dammed Indians revisited : the continuing history of the Pick-Sloan Plan
and the Missouri River Sioux / Michael L. Lawson ; forewords by George
McGovern and Vine Deloria, Jr.

E 99 .D1 L425r 2009

Lawson, Michael L.

Homesteading in the Depression : a study of two short-lived homesteads in
the Harquahala Valley, Arizona / Pat H. Stein.

F 817 .A6 S74 1988

Stein, Pat H.

A symbol of wilderness : Echo Park and the American Conservation Movement

F 732 .D5 H37 1994

Harvey, Mark W.T.

Desert river crossing : historic Lee's Ferry on the Colorado River (2d
printing revised)

F 819 .L44 R87 1981

Rusho, W.L.

Company towns of the Pacific Northwest / Linda Carlson.

F 851 .C277 2003

Carlson, Linda.

From hinterland to metropolis : land-use planning in Orange County,
California, 1925-1950 / by Gabriele Gonder Carey.

F 868 .O6 C37 1997

Carey, Gabriele Gonder.

Shasta Lake : boomtowns and the building of Shasta Dam / Al Rocca.

F 868 .S49 R633 2002

Rocca, Al M.

Oregon historical quarterly. Volume 109, no. 2, Summer 2008 / Eliza E.
Canty-Jones, editor.

F 871 .O74 2008s

The Oregon Trail : a potential addition to the National Trails System : a
review draft of a cooperative study / prepared by the Northwest Regional
Office, Bureau of Outdoor Recreation.

F 880 .U5 1975

River of renewal : myth and history in the Klamath Basin / Stephen Most.

F 882 .K49 M67 2006

Most, Stephen.

Columbia :  the magazine of Northwest history.

F 886 .C64 2001

Columbia (Tacoma, Wash.)

Historical atlas of the American West / by Warren A. Beck and Ynez D. Haase.

G 1381 .S1 B4 1989

Beck, Warren A.

Atlas of the Pacific Northwest / edited by Philip L. Jackson & A. Jon

G 1466 .G3 O7 1993

Oregon State University.

Sacramento Delta San Joaquin atlas.

G 1527 .D45 C3 1993

The future of ice : a journey into cold / Gretel Ehrlich.

G 465 .E46 2004

Ehrlich, Gretel.

Discovering the unknown landscape : a history of America's wetlands

GB 624 .V55 1997

Vileisis, Ann.

A trace of desert waters : the Great Basin story / by Samuel G. Houghton;
foreword by Samuel I. Zeveloff.

GB 705 .G72 H68 1994

Houghton, Samuel G.

Las acequias del norte : reporte técnico / por Phil Lovato ; traducción por
Juan M. Salazar. (reprint in English)

GB 705 .N6 no.060 1975

Lovato, Phil.

Balancing water : restoring the Klamath Basin / photographs by Tupper Ansel
Blake and Madeleine Graham Blake ; text by William Kittredge.

GB 991 .K63 B63 2000

Blake, Tupper Ansel.

Unruly river : two centuries of change along the Missouri / Robert Kelley

GE 155 .M85 S36 1999

Schneiders, Robert Kelley,

Landscapes of conflict : the Oregon story, 1940-2000 / William G. Robbins ;
foreword by William Cronon.

GE 155 .O7 R58 2004

Robbins, William G.,

Landscapes of promise : the Oregon story, 1800-1940 / William G. Robbins ;
foreword by William Cronon.

GE 155 .O7 R63 1997

Robbins, William G.,

DeVoto's West : history, conservation, and the public good / by Bernard
DeVoto ; edited by Edward K. Muller.

GE 155 .W47 D4 2005

De Voto, Bernard Augustine,

Quagmire : nation-building and nature in the Mekong Delta / David Biggs ;
foreword by William Cronon.

GE 160 .V5 B54 2010

Biggs, David A.

Environmental injustices, political struggles : race, class, and the
environment / David E. Camacho, editor.

GE 170 .E5763 1998

Managing the environment, managing ourselves : a history of American
environmental policy / Richard N.L. Andrews.

GE 180 .A53 1999

Andrews, Richard N. L.

Explorations in environmental history : essays / by Samuel P. Hays.

GE 180 .H39 1998

Hays, Samuel P.

A history of environmental politics since 1945 / Samuel P. Hays.

GE 180 .H392 2000

Hays, Samuel P.

Across the Great Divide : explorations in collaborative conservation and
the American West / edited by Philip Brick, Donald Snow, and Sarah Van de

GE 198 .W47 A27 2001

Out of the woods : essays in environmental history / edited by Char Miller
and Hal Rothman.

GE 50 .O98 1997

Desert cities : the environmental history of Phoenix and Tucson / Michael
F. Logan.

GF 504 .A6 L635 2006

Logan, Michael F.,

River flowing from the sunrise : an environmental history of the lower San
Juan / James M. Aton, Robert S. McPherson.

GF 504 .S35 A76 2000

Aton, James M.,

Reservoirs of opportunity : report of the National Recreation Lakes Study
Commission : executive summary.

GV 191.67 .W3 N385 1999

National Recreation Lakes Study Commission (U.S.)

Encounters with the archdruid

HC 103.7 .M172 1971

McPhee, John A.

Dust bowl : the southern plains in the 1930s / Donald Worster.

HC 107 .A165 1979

Worster, Donald,

The future of the great plains. Report of the Great plains committee.

HC 107 .A17 A65 1936

United States.

The federal landscape : an economic history of the twentieth-century West /
Gerald D. Nash.

HC 107 .A17 N3714 1999

Nash, Gerald D.

A river lost : the life and death of the Columbia

HC 107 .A195 H37 1996

Harden, Blaine.

Natural resources of Alaska.

HC 107 .A4 U5 1966

United States.

Natural resources of Arizona / prepared by The United States, Department of
the Interior, Division of Information.

HC 107 .A6 U5 1963

United States.

Natural resources of Arizona / prepared by The United States, Department of
the Interior, Division of Information.

HC 107 .A6 U5 1963

United States.

The excess lands provisions of Federal reclamation law : a bibliography and
chronology / compiled by Gerald R. Ogden.

HC 107 .C2 E5 1980

Ogden, Gerald R.