Here are items available for taking, but I cannot ship.  Please respond if you want any and advise me how we will arrange shipping.

Fenaroli's Handbook of Flavor Ingredients 3rd edition 1995 (2 vol.)
Alex Lichine's Encyclopedia of wines and spirits [1st ed] 2nd printing 1968
Alex Lichine's Encyclopedia of wines and spirits 2nd ed 1st printing 1974
Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States 8th edition 1979 (2 copies of vol. 1 only)
Technology of Wine Making 4th ed 1980 by Amerine, et al
Technology of Wine Making 2nd ed 1967 by Amerine, et al
Grossman's Guide to wines spirits and beers by Harold J. Grossman 5th rev ed 1974 (3 copies)
Chemical Instrumentation: a systematic approach 3rd ed by howard A Strobel and William R Heineman
Testing of Weighing Equipment by the National Bureau of Standards (Handbook H 37 1945)
Methods of the AOAC 2 copies of 1965, 1 copy of 1970, 3 copies of 1975, 1 copy of 1980 (all duplicates)

Thank you!


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