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Subject: New feature - Enriched microdata extracts from TerraPop


Terra Populus: Integrated Data on Population and Environment

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Terra Populus: Integrated Data on Population and Environment

Dear IPUMS users,

The TerraPop team is excited to announce a new tool of special interest to the IPUMS-International user community.

The TerraPop extract builder now includes an easy-to-follow workflow for constructing population microdata extracts with attached contextual variables. Users can select census microdata from the IPUMS-International collection, then attach contextual variables describing the geographic unit in which each individual lives.

Contextual variables that can be attached to IPUMS-International microdata include aggregate population data (e.g., labor force participation rate by sex, percent of persons age 25+ who completed secondary education), and environmental data (e.g., average annual precipitation, percent forest cover).

Visit the TerraPop extract builder to begin building a Microdata Output extract. While international microdata extracts are available exclusively to registered users of IPUMS-International, aggregate population data and environmental data in TerraPop (without microdata) do not require IPUMS-International registration. 

To guide you through using this new TerraPop tool, we have created a detailed tutorial, TerraPop: Creating a Microdata Extract


The TerraPop Team

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