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thank you very much for your comments on the discussion paper, and for your agreement to continuing the discussion on the open listserv.


I can provide an example, available at

which is based on a real record online at


Here we have 650 fields with different contents in the subfields $5 (to be defined), among them two subject headings provided by the German National Library (DE-101) according to its rules, and three subject headings provided by the “Technische Universität München, Universitätsbibliothek” (DE-91) according to different rules (or at least different interpretations of the same rules).


The fields 655 with the form heading “Zeitschrift” (“serial”) are all the same, each of them is the second part of a sequence of headings.  These sequences of headings are transported in the local field 689, mostly redundantly to the other 6XX fields, but controlling the grouping and sequencing by the two indicator positions.


By the way: The URI for the German National Library is ,

and the URI for the Technische Universität München, Universitätsbibliothek is


It would not be easy to find an example where important 6XX fields are missing institution information in subfield $5, because this metadata provenance information is mostly mandatory here, at least in the context of the Union Catalog for Serials (Zeitschriftendatenbank, ZDB).


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Betreff: 2017-DP05: $5 in 6XX of bib records


The use of $5 is used to mark certain portions of the record as having particular relevance to one institution and not necessarily to other institutions. The example in the Discussion Paper has all of the 6XXs (except 653) marked with $5 DE-101 and this agency is the cataloging agency. In effect, the whole record was presumably prepared by DE-101. I am not sure why the 6XXs that come from the originating cataloging agency would need to be marked with $5.


Would it be possible to provide an example where only some of the 6XXs are institution-specific? Something along the lines of a record with some but not all 5XXs marked with $5.


Thank you.


Sherman Clarke

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