It was probably recoded programmatically and the program didn't pay attention to things like usage. However, it appears that a cataloger did formally do a usage check on December 9; the OCLC note implies that "George Wolfgang Forell" is the predominant usage. As you point out, this is incorrect. It appears that George W. Forell is by far the most common usage. The OCLC 670 usage note should always name the most common form first, otherwise it's misleading, as here.

This does show the necessity of being a bit skeptical of authorized access points, if you have reason to be (e.g., as you note, when the preferred name consists of the fullest form), even though the record has been recoded to RDA. With the vast recoding projects (including upcoming Phase III), a record coded "rda", unfortunately, doesn't necessarily mean it really does follow RDA. Most of them do, but not all.


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I have a question about this heading.  The current AAP, labelled RDA, has "Forell, George Wolfgang."  I usually am suspicious of full names like this, and when I sampled the usage found on the bib records in OCLC, I found that the author almost always used "George W. Forell," very rarely "George Wolfgang Forell."  So why was "Forell, George Wolfgang" allowed to remain as the AAP? 

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A faculty member here alerted me to an error in one of our bib records and seeing 59 other holdings in OCLC, thought I let y'all know in the event you have uncorrected holdings in your catalogs.. Both the statement of responsibility and the author (700) field have the last name of the author misspelled, Forrell. The correct spelling is Forell.  
The OCLC number is o25433679.  I have modified the OCLC record and controlled the author's name.

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