This seems to be a day for trying to get a handle on revising records so I’ll ask about this one that I just noticed:


n  84202681 Thompson, Margaret

The last pair on this nar is duplicated on  nb2005018340 which has the RDA 667 note.

I would like to remove the pair from n84202681, but need some help with the latest info on the 1xx on nb2005018340


Can we now leave it alone as Thompson, Margaret, $c M.A and just remove the 667 note? Or do we have to change it to:

Thompson, Margaret $c (M.A)  or something else like: Thompson, Margaret (Author of…)


And of course, I will add a 667: Formerly also on undifferentiated authority record:    n  84202681


Thanks for any assistance,


Mary Charles Lasater