Since August, the authority toolkit has contained a feature to help with secondary changes such as these:




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Subject: Re: [PCCLIST] When AAP for work changes, what happens to expressions?


Paul Frank called them “tentacles” in his RDA NACO training.

--Sarah Ross


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Subject: Re: [PCCLIST] When AAP for work changes, what happens to expressions?


Just to clarify--"BFM" is "bib file maintenance", referring to the NACO contributor's obligation to inform LC of cases where new authority work will impact LC bib headings in ways that won't be handled automatically.  I don't think there is a handy term for the work of changing related authorities which use a main heading when a main heading is changed, but that is also a NACO contributor's obligation. No one else is charged with taking care of it.


And I second Bob Maxwell's pragmatic comments about this title. 




On Tue, Dec 6, 2016 at 8:07 PM, Gene Fieg <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Bob, you have stated my concerns well. Perhaps the RDA instruction should extend authoritative sources to usage.  For instance, the usage genitive plural form indicates that we should use the plural nominative in the AAP.  Also how authoritative are AACR2 AAPs for RDA constructions?  Should we as a matter of course, double check, when necessary, the AACR2 construction for the work?  Especially for pre-1501 works.


Gene Fieg


On Tuesday, December 6, 2016, Robert Maxwell <[log in to unmask]> wrote:



Yes, when an AAP that other AAPs are based on is changed, all the dependent AAPs must be changed as well. This is the case for expressions of works; it is also the case for AAPs for works themselves (if the AAP for the person changes, all the AAPs for name-title works change, too); etc.


BUT, in this case, I suggest you and I talk off-line about it. Yes, looking at the evidence of modern reference sources, the majority do refer to this work as “Institutio oratoria”; however, “Institutiones oratoriae” does have some evidence. I think technically you are right, the work is commonly identified in modern reference sources as “Institutio oratoria” (Oxford Classical Dictionary; Brill’s New Pauly), but given that this is a pretty “big” work and would involve lots of BFM and given that there is some evidence in modern reference sources for “Institutiones oratoriae” (e.g. the Lewis & Short Latin dictionary) you might consider letting it go.


If you do choose to change the AAP for the work, in answer to your question in the followup e-mail “who will do all that BFM?” the answer is, you will, at least in the authority file.




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Subject: When AAP for work changes, what happens to expressions?


If in working on new AAPs for expressions, one finds that the work AAP is not correct according to RDA (if not AACR2), and he changes the work AAP, should he also change all the other AAP expressions in the NAF?


Example: Currently, a work by Quintilian is listed as Institutiones oratoriae.  Expressions for that work also use that form; but the correct form according to instructions for pre-1501 works is Institutio oratoria.


So if the work AAP is changed, should I or anyone else change the expressions of that work?


Gene Fieg



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