However, isn't it the unwritten rule that you list the predominate usage first in a list of varying names?  If I look at the authority record and don't go beyond that, I would assume the predominant usage (as examined on December 9, 2016) is "George Wolfgang Forell."


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Before the record was recoded as RDA, it had 667 THIS 1XX FIELD CANNOT BE USED UNDER RDA UNTIL THIS RECORD HAS BEEN REVIEWED AND/OR UPDATED  because it was coded Rules:d (AACR2-compatible).  That's a strong tip-off that the heading can't be accepted as is.  Usually the fullness of the name is the issue.

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I have a question about this heading.  The current AAP, labelled RDA, has "Forell, George Wolfgang."  I usually am suspicious of full names like this, and when I sampled the usage found on the bib records in OCLC, I found that the author almost always used "George W. Forell," very rarely "George Wolfgang Forell."  So why was "Forell, George Wolfgang" allowed to remain as the AAP?

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A faculty member here alerted me to an error in one of our bib records and seeing 59 other holdings in OCLC, thought I let y'all know in the event you have uncorrected holdings in your catalogs.. Both the statement of responsibility and the author (700) field have the last name of the author misspelled, Forrell. The correct spelling is Forell.
The OCLC number is o25433679.  I have modified the OCLC record and controlled the author's name.

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