I don't sit on any PCC committees, etc., but I think that the reason that you cannot modify a dual language expression into a work is that we are not supposed to change an expression to a work an AAP.  Also, the work AAP record has a specific number attached to it, and if you make the changes you suggest, and if we ever get to using numbers for access points, the number that might be used in the future would not point to the same AAP that it originally did.  

I hope that last sentence is clear. After writing it, I am not too sure it is as clear as it could be.


On Tue, Dec 20, 2016 at 8:49 AM, Yang Wang <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Here's a related case I have to deal with right now (speaking of the d----).

I need to update this existing Name/Title series record (NAF no2001054471 = ARN05531286):

100 0    Plutarch. ‡t Lives. ‡l Italian & Greek (Rizzoli editore)
400 0    Plutarch. ‡t Vite parallele
430   0  Vite parallele
643       Milano ‡b Biblioteca universale Rizzoli
. . . . .
670     Plutarch. Pelopida, 1998: ‡b ser. t.p. (Vite parallele)

To update it to a work-level RDA record, the language expression " Italian & Greek" would have to go.  I am thinking of updating it like this:

100 0    Plutarch. ‡t Vite parallele (Rizzoli editore)
373       Rizzoli editore ǂ2 naf
380       Series (Publications) ǂ2 lcsh
380       Multipart monograph
381       Rizzoli editore
400 0    Plutarch. ‡t Lives. ‡l Italian & Greek (Rizzoli editore) ‡w nnea
430    0 Vite parallele (Rizzoli editore)
430    0 Vite parallele in BUR
530    0 ‡w r ‡i In series: BUR (Series). ‡p Classici antichi
. . . . . .
670      Plutarch. Pelopida, 1998: ‡b ser. t.p. (Vite parallele)
670      Plutarch. Coriolano, 2010: ǂb title page (Vite parallele) series title page (Vite parallele in BUR) title page verso (BUR Classici greci e latini)

I am wondering if the 1st 400 (Plutarch. ‡t Lives. ‡l Italian & Greek (Rizzoli editore) ‡w nnea) is appropriate here, since it's an expression-level reference and perhaps shouldn't be mixed with the work-level record. Without it, would it be possible to make a machine generated "global" change to all the existing bibs that contain "800 1  Plutarch. ‡t Lives. ‡l Italian & Greek (Rizzoli editore)"?

I need collective wisdom on this. Your advice, recommendation, and correction are most welcome.



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> In the light of the information that I have seen on various listservs
> that inform me that Phase 3 probably will not split the languages on
> multiple language title AAPs...

A PCC task group in late 2014 (!) posted a Phase 3 recommendation for handling records that represent multiple language expressions here:

Bottom line: delete the records.

Since I'm out of the loop these days, I pose the question: Is this recommendation still being considered, or no?

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