I have the Lindbergh downloadable at my website on 'The King Speaks'   and the Associated 
glee club  - both Columbia and Victor electrics

Mickey Clark
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Subject: [ARSCLIST] sounds of early phonograph

I'm to be interviewed about my record collecting on a local RADIO station,
so I'd like some sounds to play as illustrations.  However, I can't play my
LPs or 78s on the station.  It hasn't a record player or tape deck to play
them on!

I'd love Edison's recollections of first recording ("Mary Had a Little
Lamb"), and anything else.  Lindbergh arrival home?  Columbia  Double-Disc
promo ("Don't put your record money into any other!")?  Victor  19626 Joan 
Arkansas?  Asso. Choirs early electrics?  Jones and Hare  on early radio

I have some items of dance and vocal on CDs which I can use, but nothing of
the historic listed above.

Can someone(s) send me MP3s of those items?


Don Chichester 

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