Hi Vinny,

I think it's going to be tough to find a retail dealer with replacements for most of those. Between these two dealers, you should be able to get them all:

Bear in mind that most of those styli are no longer available from the original manufacturer, so 3rd-party replacements will have to do. LP Gear general sells quality stuff, but 3rd-party replacement styli are often a crap shoot, and rarely perform up to the level of the original manufacturer replacements. I had the school buy a few Stanton 3rd-party replacements before I retired. Seth Winner and I tried them in his studio - it took only a few minutes to determine that they were garbage.  

My advice on obsolete cartridges is to replace the cartridge, rather than getting a stylus that's not up to par. 


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Does anyone know where in the NY/metro area I can find replacement styli for the following phono cartridges:

-Ortofon OM 10
-Ortofon OMB 20
-Shure M91ED
-Empire 999 E/X
-Audio-Technica PRO12E
-Stanton MK V
-Stanton Calibration Standard 681 EEE
(The needle for this one has the identification D6800 AL).

I appreciate it.


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