Announcing a special 40th edition of the ongoing technical symposium, The Reel Thing, to take place in Amsterdam over the course of three days, May 28 - 30, 2017, in conjunction with the EYE International Conference 2017.  We are pleased to collaborate with EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam and the Association of Moving Image Archivists for this three-day exploration of technologies for preservation and restoration, including an opening night reception and screenings of restored films. The event will take place at EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

For a look at the program content in 2008 thru 2016 in Los Angeles, and to submit proposals, please use this link:

As with all editions of The Reel Thing, we focus on the wide range of critical issues facing archivists, technicians, asset managers and curators of image and sound in the current media/digital landscape.  Problems and solutions involving digital creation workflows (2K/4K/6K/8K), data storage access and recovery, image scanning and recording, image resolution metrics, traditional video and audio preservation and restoration issues are topics of interest.  Of particular interest are the preservation and archiving issues surrounding Digital Intermediate and Digital Production workflows for motion pictures and television/streaming.  If you have been working in these or related areas of interest, we invite you to propose a presentation summarizing the technical, theoretical and practical facets of your work.

Presentations consist of a brief analytic explanation of the project, digital/film/video/audio examples, and a question and answer period.  We ask that presenters focus on the nature of the work and its context, including the rationale for selection of methods and tools (hardware and software, photochemical / photomechanical and digital / analog), and to provide substantial detail concerning these aspects of the work.  We request A/B comparisons of the "before" and "after" states of the project in order to have a meaningful discussion and evaluation of the results.  We're interested in facts and opinions concerning the present and future prospects of the techniques, processes and equipment that are in use today, or the near future.

Our objective is to expose our audience to the current thinking and most advanced practical examples of progress in the field of preservation, restoration and media conservation, and to create a common ground for discussion and evaluation of methodologies so that informed decisions can be made about when and how to deploy both traditional and emerging technologies.

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Grover Crisp
Michael Friend

Co-Organizers of The Reel Thing Technical Symposium